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According To The Needs Of A Reasonable Selection Of Ceramic Wall And Floor Tile

Jun 13, 2017

According to the needs of a reasonable selection of Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile
  Ceramic wall tiles is our home decoration commonly used materials, relative to other decoration materials, the ceramic wall tiles are both affordable and durable. Although the ceramic tile tiles prices are relatively affordable, but the selection can not be blind, must proceed from reality, according to the needs of home space and functional selection.
    1, the living room should choose light-colored: the living room is an important place for banquet, so it is best bright and spacious, in the choice of Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile, the selection of light ceramic wall tiles the most appropriate, such as white, light beige , Material, consider the polished tiles and other reflective material.
    2, the kitchen for small size Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile: kitchen space is relatively small, the same suitable for use of light-colored Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile, light colors for the housewives to create a cool and comfortable cooking space. On the ceramic tile floor size, the kitchen is more suitable for small size ceramic wall tiles, so that space looks more coordinated.
    3, the bathroom material must be non-slip: bathroom floor often water, accidentally slipped, in the selection of ceramic wall tiles, with a choice of non-slip function of the ceramic wall tiles, but also need to select the low water absorption ceramic wall Floor tiles, preferably matte surface, to prevent the inner water and slip.
  From the box to remove a piece, see the surface is smooth, intact, glazed should be uniform, bright, no spots, lack of glaze, bump phenomenon, surrounded by the edge of the regular. Glazed is not bright, astringent or bubble is a quality problem.
    And then take out a brick, two pieces of alignment, the smaller the better the middle gap. If it is pattern brick, you must use four pieces to put together a complete pattern, but also should be optimistic about the brick pattern is connected, clear. And then a box of all the brick out, flat in a large plane, from a little distance to see the whole effect.
    Put these bricks one by one up one by one, compare the size of the brick is the same, small brick deviation allowed in plus or minus 1 mm, big bricks allowed in plus or minus 2 mm.
    Take a piece of brick to knock on another piece, or use other hard objects to knock on the brick, if the brick sound crisp, loud, that the quality of brick, burn cooked; if the sound is abnormal, indicating that the brick with heavy skin or crack phenomenon.
  Ceramic wall tiles are home decoration materials commonly used, with its unique advantages occupy the majority of the share of the building materials market. Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile from the previous single product development to today's many types.
    1, green ceramic wall tiles. The world is talking about environmental protection, and modern civilization also reminds people in the protection of the environment at the same time more consider their own safety.
    2, large size ceramic wall tiles. Residents purchase area is growing, small size ceramic wall tiles can not meet the requirements of home, indoor wall Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile generally 250 × 360mm size is more common, the living room floor with a brick is generally not less than 500 × 500mm.
    3, composite ceramic wall tiles. Wood grain, glass, glass wall tiles, stone, resin and even stainless steel are in varying degrees with the ceramic wall tiles.
    4, polished tiles. Also known as tiles. The product with its unique quality: gloss, slip resistance and wear resistance and other properties and won the favor of consumers, home interior decoration, hotels, shopping malls and other public places are more polished tiles.
    5, retro brick. People once asked the high light, bright glaze of the boom, they began to antique brick forward.
    6, art ceramic wall tiles. People on the ceramic wall tiles color, style requirements from the traditional sense of the plane Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile, simple flowers, trees, pattern development to the three-dimensional ceramic wall tiles and three-dimensional pattern.