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Ceramic Wall And Floor Tile Are Often At Corner Of The Wall

Aug 16, 2017

Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile are often at corner of the wall
Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile are often in the corner of the wall, the junction of the disconnect, for which there are a variety of colored ceramic tiles for corner parts to meet the requirements of continuity.
    Round line foot brick is often used as the bottom row to round the walls and the floor of the seam, but also for the pool trim and the inner and outer wall veneer veneer. For the wall and ceiling junctions at the same corner of the tile and the wall and skirting at the junction of the same angle tile.
    It is not easy to make the wall surface stitching, and many manufacturers offer ceramic tiles from the ceramic tiles to the tiles and the cornering tiles at the connecting corner to choose from. It would be advisable to lay the ceramic tiles on top of the large sill board by placing plants or other collectibles. Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile are also suitable for use in greenhouse windows, capable of absorbing heat and then reflecting to plants, and are easy to clean.
  Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile is our home decoration commonly used materials, relative to other decoration materials, the Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile are both affordable and durable. Although the ceramic tile tiles prices are relatively affordable, but the selection can not be blind, must proceed from reality, according to the needs of home space and functional selection.
    1, the living room should choose light-colored: the living room is an important place for banquet, so it is best bright and spacious, in the choice of ceramic tiles, the selection of light Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile the most suitable, such as white, light beige , Material, consider the polished tiles and other reflective material.
    2, the kitchen for small size ceramic tiles: kitchen space is relatively small, the same suitable for use of light-colored ceramic tiles, light colors for the housewives to create a cool and comfortable cooking space. On the ceramic tile floor size, the kitchen is more suitable for small size Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile, so that space looks more coordinated.
    3, the bathroom material must be non-slip: bathroom floor often water, accidentally slipped, in the selection of Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile, with a choice of non-slip function of the Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile, but also need to select the low water absorption ceramic wall Floor tiles, preferably matte surface, to prevent the inner water and slip.
   According to the ceramic tile tiles dealers say, now a lot of people in order to increase the decorative effect of ceramic tiles, will choose a parquet in the form of ceramic tiles. However, this Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile in the paving time, there are so four details that need attention.
    First, the parquet shop before the tile surface should be placed directly against the wall, four corner pad on the bubble, to prevent sharp corners damage, is strictly prohibited on the surface by heavy objects. Also pay attention to the application of high adhesion when the paving cement or ceramic tile tiles binder.
    Second, the grass is not smooth, should first use cement to do flat, set the whole piece of parquet thickness, adhesive thickness of 3-5 mm. It is forbidden to pave it directly on uneven surface. And the base surface should be no loose material, oil, the surface strong, smooth, clean.
    Third, paving the whole parquet when the need to wet paste, around the whole brick, such as dry paste, you must first adjust the parquet size grassroots. And the whole flower can be painted with the surrounding brick at the same time, so that flowers and the whole brick flatness.
    Four, with a zigzag-shaped mud board, adjust the thickness and then paving, to maintain a flat without hollowing. If fine-tuning flat, we should pay attention to the first with a rubber hammer in the middle of a few tapping, and then make adjustments on the edge.