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Ceramic Wall And Floor Tile Manufacturing Process

Nov 25, 2016

Raw materials (clay \ additives)------------------------pulp spray drying powder by ball mill silo (stale)------Suppression (moulding)------drying kiln (evaporation. 100 ℃)----glaze line (spray machines and printing machines)------------roller hearth kiln firing kiln polishing and waxing----classification.

Roller kilns: the kiln with the roller in the middle.

Tunnel kilns: mainly used for sanitary ware, Yao no rollers.

Molding method

1, jade spar: brick surface coated with a layer of coarse white sugar the size of glass-ceramic powder, sintered and then compressed again.

2, the magic bricks: multiple systems, powder, using piping fabric, is a brick.

3, Italy-beige: combination of powder and infiltration techniques.

4, brick powder: powder by a polished, fine particles changes, some mixing color powder according to the ratio, in late embryos.

5, new technology: twin compressor (horizontal under the second car): first press brick embryos, and is made of hard plastic plate, powder, granule or powder, under the action of gravity, printed onto the brick on the embryo, then the second compressor.