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Ceramic Wall And Floor Tile Printing Processes

Nov 25, 2016

1, screen printing machine: chain, belt. (Belt type high speed, cost, printed flowers look at a latitude and longitude lines. )

2, roller printing machine: a, wire mesh, rubber, organic glass, rigid plastic. (Rubber material printed beautifully patterned using laser engraving. B, each with 4-5 roller (you can reset more than one) by loading bricks embryos left, to patterns of nature.

3, vertical blanking machine II: glass powder or spray dried powder through by the laser engraving of rigid plastic mesh from powder falling bricks on the embryo.

4, inkjet printers: a, ferrotitantoo. ceramic inks, made from ceramic pigment and ink, using nozzle into spray computer digital control. B, sold 35 per set of 2 million euro. C, supplies for the red, yellow, blue and black colors of inks, per 100,000. D, glaze ink usage is high, patterns and vivid, exquisite.