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China 225x450mm Ceramic Wall And Floor Tile Industry Famous Road

Jul 06, 2017

China 225x450mm Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile industry famous road

China 225x450mm Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile net Beijing features entrepreneurs have a agree, good famous brand has become a foreign 225x450mm Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile enterprises to enter the domestic market and occupy the international market of shots. The super-successful cases of multinationals such as procter & gamble, MOTOROLA, TOTO, Microsoft and other big multinationals in China have become the least element of the world's MBA classrooms. Italy, Spain, 225x450mm Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile products in the years to maintain its sales more than 60% of exports, not because of the influence of international too big reason is that they are in the international market created their own international strong brands, has won the acceptance of the international market. China, by contrast, 225x450mm Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile is lack of big and international well-known brand, the brand influence of the weak, low awareness of products, lack of competitiveness in the international market, it is difficult to compete with international 225x450mm Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile brand. Want to go out, have no a big brand, difficulty cans be imagined, in addition, with the international well-known brand further onboard the Chinese market, now in the brand competition has less domestic 225x450mm Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile, in the market competition and continue to be widened distance. From the government to the enterprise, the creation of 225x450mm ceramic wall and tile brand name has become the consensus.

The sheen, through the joint efforts of the parties, I recently learned from the China council for the brand strategy to promote that in 2003 China famous brand product scope of review has determined that 225x450mm Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile products are listed in the Chinese famous brand product catalog for the first time. Annual output in more than 8 million square meters and annual sales of 8 million yuan of above the building 225x450mm Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile and the annual output in more than 1 million annual sales in the health of 200 million yuan of above 225x450mm Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile was the least of the conditions. It is reported that guangdong, shandong and hebei already have a few famous construction pottery enterprises are actively applying for the Chinese brand products, believe there will be several well-known construction pottery enterprises to declare success.

It is believed that the relevant departments of the state have made specific demands on the creation of Chinese famous brands. From the perspective of the enterprise to create a brand name, the author believes that at least three customs clearance should be done.

One is quality control. China building 225x450mm Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile industry development to the point where today, no matter from the level of modernization of production equipment, and from the aspects of the development of the product specifications, it should be said closely in line with international standards, technical constant progress. A number of well-known foreign brands for OEM cooperation with famous Chinese enterprise, the personage inside course of study often smug, think that China's 225x450mm Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile products fully compete with foreign famous brands of power. Technology development is rapid, it should be said that domestic enterprises on technology application level, does not lag behind, but in the technology of the core competitiveness is the research and development strength is weak. If you don't have the initiative, you will always walk behind someone else's ass and get dumped.

The second is service. The brand value is more than the general merchandise, except the product quality is too hard, a very important reason is because the brand more attention is the enterprise service and the prestige. That's what consumers buy from brands. If a brand does not have a complete service system to support, even if the profit is higher, it is only short-term behavior. It can be said that the perfect service system is the "fixing pill" of the manufacturer and the distributors. It is also a satisfactory reply to the consumers. Toyota dealers in Japan have won good market reputation through "meticulous" service and enterprise brand. Haier is favored by more and more consumers at home and abroad, but also for haier people persist in creating the service and brand of the enterprise, "sincere forever" honest to every consumer the reliance of haier and haier products produced a preference.

Third, it's marketing. Good wine fears no alley. The lack of international marketing experience and the backward marketing methods have become the consensus. Currently 80% of the domestic enterprises promotion is all some hard advertising propaganda, three point one line formula manufacturers agent + + customers sales, results took a lot of manpower and material resources and financial resources, can effect. In recent years the rise of e-commerce, many enterprises have established their own websites, but the author see seem to be all the task type of a job, a mere facade, "electronic" instead of "business", what is the heartache. The big and strong successful brands at home and abroad, none of them use advanced information technology to gain the initiative of marketing, while 225x450mm ceramic wall and tile industry are seen as unfamiliar.