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Design Factors And Selection Principles Of Polished Porcelain Tile

Aug 07, 2017

Design factors and selection principles of Polished Porcelain Tile
   Polished Porcelain Tile are generally classified as civilized types, a total of romantic Europe, the original African, mysterious Egypt, ancient Indian style, refined China, the ancient kingdom of Babylon and other seven series, the more popular is the romantic European and refined Chinese series Polished Porcelain Tile.
      Color is the most influential factor in the design, because it determines a certain mood, but also represents a certain custom. Pattern is also a symbol of civilization, appeared in the polished tile surface, played the role of finishing touch on the wall, but also guide people's imagination, feel the charm of the classical. It is understood that the most popular Polished Porcelain Tile have their own style monochrome brick and tiles of the points. Monochrome bricks are mainly used for large pavement, while tiles are used as decorations for local decoration.
      Polished Porcelain Tile manufacturers recommend that users choose the principle of brick size is a small room using small size tiles, large rooms use large size tiles. In the visual, large pieces of brick to expand the surface, small pieces of brick can be rich in small space; but nowadays popular trend is still dominated by large bricks, because people like the vision to open some.
    Polished Porcelain Tile are quintana bricks, the surface of the body after being polished by a bright brick, is a kind of body bricks. Relative to the whole body brick, polished tile surface to be much cleaner. Polished Porcelain Tile hard wear and tear, suitable for use in most of the interior space except the toilet, outside the kitchen, such as for balcony, exterior decoration and so on. Advantages of Polished Porcelain Tile:
     1, the basic control of no color: natural stone due to diagenetic time, the depth of different layers of different color, Polished Porcelain Tile were carefully deployed, the same batch of products consistent color, basically no color.
     2, no radioactive elements: natural stone is a mineral, without high temperature sintering, it contains individual trace radioactive elements, long-term exposure to the human body harmful; Polished Porcelain Tile will not cause harm to the human body.
     3, bending strength: natural stone due to the natural formation, material time, weathering, etc. are different, resulting in tightness, different strength; Polished Porcelain Tile by thousands of tons of hydraulic press to suppress, and then more than 1200 ℃ high temperature sintering, high strength.
     4, non-slip: ground tiles safe anti-skid is very important, especially the elderly children's family more attention to the anti-skid tiles effect.
     5, brick body thin, light weight: natural stone due to low strength, so the processing thickness of large, cumbersome, increased the weight of the floor building load, the formation of potential threats, rising costs, and increased transportation, paving and other difficulties.
  Polished Porcelain Tile are different from ordinary Polished Porcelain Tile, the surface of the glaze for the special crystal wear glaze, high temperature sintering molecules completely closed, almost no gap, can be durable for a long time to keep the highlight is not bleak, hard wear. Mohs hardness of 6 degrees or more, water absorption of less than 0.5%, than the natural stone texture uniform, dense, stable and safe. Polished Porcelain Tile manufacturers have summarized several features of Polished Porcelain Tile.
      1, long life: the general Polished Porcelain Tile with a long time, easy matte; antique brick with a long time, because the surface of the glaze layer is relatively thin, easy to wear. All glazed ceramic tiles transparent glazed relatively thick, not easy to wear, so its service life is 3 times the general powder brick.
      2, the color is richer: the high temperature firing tiles, the pattern of color texture is dialysis color, not the ordinary tile surface rough pattern, but visible, intangible special color pattern, colorful, color variety, Texture natural. All cast glaze products can be polished or not polished, to meet the preferences of different consumer groups.