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Do You Know The Daily Maintenance Of Your Faucet

Mar 03, 2018

In our daily life,faucets are hardware products that would be used every day.But at a high frequency of usage,faucets are easy to have a variety of problems.So what should we do to make the faucet longer life expectancy?

Today we will come to know the main points of faucet maintenance!

1.When using the faucet in winter,if you find the handle a bit unusual when using the faucet,you need to use hot water to pour on the faucet surface,make the handle feel normal,and then reuse.

2.It is normal if there is a brief drip of water after the faucet is closed.Because there is water left in the faucet.But if the water drop exceeds ten minutes,it indicates that the faucet has a problem and needs to be repaired and replaced.

3.Do not use corrosive cleaning agents and hard objects when cleaning the faucet, it is best to use soft cotton cloth to gently clean it.

4.When opening and closing the faucet,it must not be too strong,as long as it turns gently in the direction of the switch.Also need to be careful not to use the faucet handle as a handrail to support the use, because it is easy to damage the faucet handle.For screw-type faucets, many people tighten it when it is closed, which is not desirable.

5.When you find the faucet water flow becomes smaller, you need to remove the bubbler to clean, if still not changed, you need to change the tap.


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