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Do You Know What A Glass Mosaic Is?

Jan 12, 2018

Glass mosaic is also known as glass mosaic tiles or glass tiles. It is a small size colored finishes glass. General specifications are 15x15mm,20× 20mm,23×23 mm,25x25mm,48×48mm and some strip size 15x48mm,23x98mm etc.The thickness is 4,6,8 mm.Belongs to a variety of colors of small glass mosaic material.

Made of hot-melting glass mosaic and crystal glass mosaic,the glass mosaic is a very safe building material and an outstanding eco-friendly material. It is acid and alkali, corrosion-resistant,non-fading,it is very suitable for building bathroom wall surface of the building materials.It is very compact decoration materials,there are many possibilities for combination changes:the specific pattern,with the same color jumping or transitional depth,or other decorative materials such as tiles pattern embellishment and so on.

The appearance of colorless,transparent,colored transparent,translucent,with gold,silver spots,patterns or stripes.The front is smooth and glossy gloss,with a rough groove on the back,so easy to paste with mortar.


Has a soft color, simple, elegant, nice, chemical stability, good thermal stability. And there is no discoloration, no dust, light weight, strong bond and other characteristics, and more for indoor local, balcony outside the decoration. Its compressive strength, tensile strength, high temperature, water, acid resistance are in line with national standards.


Glass mosaic for Kitchen,glass mosaic for pools, kitchen wall tiles,bathroom wall tile, theaters, shower tile bathroom, kindergarten, playground (horror house), flower terrace, courtyard pavilion, bathroom flooring tile, furniture bathroom, kitchen backsplash tiles, skating rink, bar, club, The surrounding environment is darker and in the indoor wall, the application of the ground, the luminous effect is more prominent. Design and construction if the auxiliary matching violet, energy-saving lamps, fluorescent lamps targeted irradiation, just after turning off the lights, the building itself will have a jadeite generally crystal clear feeling, transparent light, quiet and deep, the night added to the building itself Extraordinary mystery and endless romantic atmosphere.

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