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Glazed Polished Porcelain Tile To Choose And Buy

Jul 06, 2017

Glazed Polished Porcelain Tile to choose and buy

Our country ceramics production history is long, the glaze that decorates on the market now decorates a variety of variety of design of ceramic tile. Glazed Polished Porcelain Tile according to use function can divide ground brick, wall brick, waist line brick.

Selection of floor tile, breed of design and color is very much, the room is very big, can divide according to the design and color for glazed pottery, prevent slippery brick, bo changes the polishing brick, ooze to spend polishing brick, etc., although the names are very different, but similar in processing technology and ingredients. Floor tile common dimension is 400 ~ 600mm square dimensional face, sometimes even use 1000 x 1000mm big face floor tile, the floor brick of this kind of specification makes bedroom luxurious air. But if the small area such as hutch, Glazed Polished Porcelain Tile defend a bedroom with large floor tile to avoid too much loss, not economic, so the space such as kitchen, toilet should adopt the special technique of 300 ~ 400 mm square brick, such as porcelain floor tile prevent slippery brick, wear-resisting.

Wall brick: according to the color can divide glass wall brick, printing wall brick. Common specifications are 200mm x 200mm or 200mm x 300mm. At present, compared with the new design idea, the quality of the tiles in 400mm x 400mm is installed on the wall to create a harmonious sense of harmony and comfort, but the cost is higher than that of ordinary wall bricks.

Lumbar line brick, is printing brick more, Glazed Polished Porcelain Tile in order to fit the specifications of the wall brick as 60 mm * 200 mm wide, and its role as a beautiful belt, around in the middle of the wall brick, grace for the drab metope, change the atmosphere of the space.

Culture stone: in some personality and advocate natural style of the bedroom often use it to decorate the wall or the ground, it belongs to the special processing of glazed polished tile, Glazed Polished Porcelain Tile imitation of natural rock surface is uneven and little crystals reflective, and decorated indoors have a natural sense of reality, because of the special technology, its cost is higher.

You can recognize quality from appearance when you choose glazed tiles. Appearance defects usually have: (1) the characteristics of a size error, Glazed Polished Porcelain Tile geometry size whether standard is the key to evaluating glazed polished tile, measure the tile with a tape measure diagonal square size and thickness is uniform can judge; (2) off color, random out of the spot check a few pieces, put together one by one, generally speaking, there are subtle differences is normal, if obviously have a problem, but different production batch number of glazed polished tiles also have off color, when buying a will amount to buy the best, otherwise after the color is very difficult to consistently; (3) crack, underglaze crack, surface crack; (4) uneven. Although the glaze layer is bright, there are inclusions in the glaze layer or in the glaze layer; (5) speckle, Glazed Polished Porcelain Tile the color of isolation in the color of glaze; (6) trauma, broken or deep cracks, and borderline.

Glazed polished tile decoration material accounting: (decoration area present each glaze polished tile size) x (1 + 3%), is required during the construction of glazed polished tile blocks, 3% of whom are construction wastage. Auxiliary materials used in the shop is stuck glazed polished tiles are: ordinary cement, white cement, medium sand, 107 glue, etc., the shop is stuck metope brick 11 kg per square metre to Portland cement, medium sand 33 kg, 2 kg of lime putty, ground glaze polished ceramic tile to Portland cement 12.5 kg per square meter, Glazed Polished Porcelain Tile medium sand 34 kg, white cement is set need to wipe after seam with stickers, about 0.5 kg per square metre.