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How To Choose Faucet Valve Corestainless Steel, Ceramic Or Brass

Mar 07, 2018

Yesterday my colleague Xiao Zhang said he just replace the kitchen faucet not long ago,and now is broken again.Some friends said that maybe valve core of the faucet is broken,let us recommend what kind of valve core faucet is better.I believe there are many people in life have this question,the faucets surface looks the same,what is the difference between valve core?And how to choose?


A faucet valve core is called the heart of the faucet,it is very important.There are three common valve core materials:stainless steel,ceramic and brass.


Stainless steel valve is a kind of scientific and technological content of the valve, the vavle will long-term contact with water in the faucet,stainless steel do not rust,that means the technical requirements are relatively high,it is very difficult to get.


Brass valve spool,its materials,production process more stress, you can guarantee the use of a long time.Brass valve will generally be heavier,due to the factors of raw materials and technology, the price will be higher, if not done well, then it is easy to accumulate scale later,pollute the water.


Ceramic valve core is now the most used,the most common valve core,the price is more affordable,its stability is relatively strong, not easy to change,wear resistance,good sealing effect,you can carry the tap in the daily life of many long-term switch,but the specific needs of each family are different,the specific choice of valve material is more subjective.

So when to buy different valve core,how to judge which is good or bad? First, you can try to turn the faucet handle,a good valve will feel very light; following, by hot and cold water exchange, good valve has nothing resistance, feeling very fast.In addition, you can try to ask the product testing to the sales staff, the general good products will have a quality test certification, if he can not provide you,then you should leave a heart, look carefully at the product.