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How To Choose Shower Faucet

Mar 09, 2018

How to choose shower faucet

Consider the actual situation of your home

Double-handle shower faucets,such as the left handle is hot water,the right one is cold water,and the logo is clear,easy to use,more suitable for the elderly or children.The shape of the single handle is relatively good-looking, the shape is simple, and the rotation is left and right to adjust hot and cold water. The operation is convenient but needs to be used carefully to avoid burns.

Use your eye and hand,judging good or bad

When picking the faucet,it is necessary to first touch the handle several times to see whether it feels delicate and tight or not,too loose or too tight both are not good.The finish of the surface is also one important point.The better the surface treatment,the smoother and brighter it is,indicating that the better the process,it can also indirectly reflect its good quality.In addition to seeing these,you must also look at the leading joints,whether there are trachoma or cracks.

Trachoma is a small hole and crack that appears on the surface and inside of the copper material in the casting process. If there is a trachoma, it will seep when it passes through water,and it will break when severe.In fact,the valve core is the most important part, but the eyes are usually not visible.The data shows that the qualified valve core can be switched on or offf at least 500,000 times.The defective product can't reach this strength and is easy to seep.You can ask the merchant to issue relevant certificates and ask the actual situation.