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Installation Of Mosaic Tile

Mar 06, 2018

Nowaday, many families like to use the mosaic, because it is colorful,and the spell-out pattern is even more beautiful.Do not think it just in a small piece, but the install process is still very particular.

Tools / Materials:

Mosaic tiles,White cement,Tile adhesive

Steps / Methods:

1.Make sure the substrates such as walls,floors,countertops,backsplashes,etc are smooth and ash-free.

2.Tools like tile adhesive,grout sealer,rubber float,sponge,spacer,spint level,wet saw should be prepared.

3.Use professional grey knife to scraping 2-3mm thick paste binder after cleaning the surface.

4.Apply the tile sheet to the wall,tenderly pat the surface of the mosaic and leveling them to make sure it is adhesive evenly.

5.Add appropriate water to the grout and stir,until it forms a thick paste.

6.Take out the spacer between sheets and ensure the grout applied to the gap.

7.Clean the surface of mosaic with towel or sponge.

8.With minimum cure time for 24 hours after installation,the wall can be used.