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Low-Lead And Lead-Free Faucets

Mar 02, 2018

We've been manufacturing lead-free faucets to bring safe drinking water to those who use them,but do you know what is lead-free copper? Please take a look at explanation and science knowledge.

What is lead-free copper?

Lead-free copper refers to a small amount of lead or non-containing copper.Such as tin bronze,beryllium bronze,white copper,brass,no lead or very little lead.

The so-called "lead-free" is not absolutely 100% banned of lead, but requires the lead content must be reduced to less than 1000ppm (<0.1%) level, mean that electronic manufacturing must meet lead-free assembly process requirements. "Electronic lead-free" is also commonly used to refer to the content of six toxic and hazardous materials including lead must be controlled at 1000ppm level.

Lead-free brass:

Lead-free Brass contains a high percentage of copper and 3 main alloying elements - Zinc, Tin and Bismuth.

Zinc is a potent alloying element in copper, imparting strength and hardness.

Tin is a potent solid-solution strengthener in copper, even more so then zinc. Unlike zinc, tin also improves corrosion resistance.

Bismuth acts very much like lead in many respects. Bismuth is lead’s neighbor on the periodic chart of elements making its behavior during casting and solidification similar. Bismuth is nearly insoluble in copper and causes machining chips to break up into small easily removed particles.Unlike lead, Bismuth is not known to be toxic in humans. 

Kitchen Sink Faucets

Modern Bathroom Faucets

Free cutting lead-free brass material with strong anti-magnetic properties,superior cutting performance, low lead content (less than 80ppm), cadmium, mercury content of less than 2ppm, through the SGS test, in full compliance with the EU ROHS directive and WEEE directive, And can meet the California non-ferrous metals regulations AB1953 Act. Material forging, cold riveting, stamping and other processing. Widely used in medical equipment components, IT communications components, cable TV components, electrical and electronic connectors, connectors, screws, water purification equipment components, valves, hardware, clothing, zippers and other industries.

Products can be processed into plates, sheets, rods, silk, tubes and other profiles and a variety of profiles.

While other manufacturers are substituting plastic for metal, we chose to modify our brass alloy in order to maintain our high quality standards of the Bathroom Faucets,Kitchen Faucets and reduce the lead content. We're proud to be able to offer this innovative technology in stores nationwide.