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Method Of Handling Ceramic Wall And Floor Tile

Oct 18, 2017

Method of handling Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile
One of the characteristics of Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile is easy to break, especially when handling. So when handling high-quality high-quality ceramic tile tiles, should pay attention to what can be to avoid it broken phenomenon?
First, sanitary ware installation and other equipment engineering and ceiling and other renovation projects should be careful to operate to prevent the destruction of the wall, floor tiles.
Second, adjust, wipe the operator, to wear soft soled shoes, tread on the fabric when the mat on the flat board. At the same time pay attention to laying pavement board is strictly prohibited directly on the door and window frame, the appropriate position in the window shoulders put the wooden side, the bridge from the door window frame.
Third, if the floor after the completion of other processes to insert more, should be in the finished tiles on the shop to protect the old multi-layer board.
Fourth, the doors and windows box stained mortar to clean up in a timely manner. Especially in the demolition of the child do not hit the wall, the ground.
5, handling materials, please do not have to worry about the completion of the equipment, pipeline, embedded parts, doors and windows frame and complete the wall.
Under normal circumstances, Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile before paving in the need to soak for some time, this is a common sense, but why is this? In this regard, Shandong ceramic wall and floor tiles manufacturers say, the reason why this will be done mainly to prevent the ceramic wall tiles to absorb the moisture in the cement slurry caused by ceramic wall tiles hollowing.
Because the ceramic wall tiles with water absorption, soaking, paste ceramic wall tiles do not absorb the water in the cement mortar, can guarantee the quality and effect of paste. And first put the tiles in the water so that it is fully absorbent after the paste on the wall. The tiles will not absorb the water on the cement slurry so that the phenomenon will not be tiles. On the other hand, if the water is not soaked or the time is too short to paste the tiles, the tiles will be used in the future because of the moisture in the cement used for the tiles to be sucked by the dry tiles, leaving the cement and tiles to lose adhesion.
Step 1: "Identify the program". Commonly used ceramic tile tiles of the paving way, in addition to the traditional Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile and the same well-shaped well-shaped, horizontal and vertical paving methods, the ceramic wall tiles are also chevron, I-shaped, oblique line and other paving method. Paving can be described as a variety of ways. Everything is different. So be sure to work with the designer to determine the program.
The second step: "leveling". The so-called leveling, and immediately in the shop before the ceramic tile tiles, paving the floor of the building or wall surface to deal with. Such as the ground, interior walls, facades and so on. Eliminate the surface of the attachment, with a mixture of semi-wet cement pavement.
The third step: "elastic line". Piston refers to the use of a long line of thin lines, coated with white and gray ink, to determine the central axis of the brick, and then by line shop paste.
The fourth step: "election brick". Depending on the species of brick shop plan, selected out of different categories. For example, the floor of the ceramic wall tiles, on the wall of the ceramic wall tiles, to the foot of the ceramic wall tiles, etc. to distinguish, so as not to shop up and confused.
Step five: "immersion bricks". Ceramic wall tiles and polished tiles, antique brick, like to soak water, use tap water or water, can not use muddy water or dirty water, but can not use oil; soaking time not too long, that is, The
Step 6: "Mixing". Cement sand should be mixed in a ratio of 1: 2, should use the label of 325 cement, the label is too high cement will be the formation of Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile should be tensile, serious will crack ceramic wall tiles.
Step 7: "Coating". Remove the soaked ceramic wall tiles, wipe the ceramic wall tiles of water stains, the slurry evenly coated on the back of the ceramic wall tiles, mortar thickness of 2-3 cm, then the ceramic wall tiles to the ground floor of the cement floor, With a wooden hammer gently tapping the ceramic wall tiles brick surface, until the pavement, the line neat so far.
Step 8: "Paste". Paving should pay attention to the ceramic wall tiles texture order, pay attention to see the ceramic wall tiles brick at the end of the arrow, etc., wooden hammering to avoid empty knock, the strength to balance, forced to avoid too large or too small. It is best to use the plastic cross with the brick, so that the ceramic tile can be better positioned. Wood hammer tapping ceramic wall tiles sewn overflow of the slurry with a sponge or rag can be smooth.
Step 9: "Dress". Ceramic wall tiles paved, the cement has not completely dry, you can use the naked eye observation or horizontal scale measurement, in accordance with the standard Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile to trim. Check the flatness of the brick paving, straightness and so on. Found the problem, immediately trimmed, serious pry open ceramic wall tiles re-paving.