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Polished Porcelain Tile Tire Polished Polished Tiles

May 25, 2017

Polished Porcelain Tile Polishing the tiles with a tiled polisher, that is, the use of polishing machine on the tiles for edging (grinding straight edge, bevel edge, round edge), and then through the grinding head polishing, processing out of the tile, the surface is very smooth, This type of tile is called polished tiles

  Tile classification of a kind, it is never professional point of view, can be through the tile surface whether there is oily bright or very bright and bright that kind of feeling, with a professional identification method to identify the words, is the ordinary tile using polished Machine polished into a very very bright bricks, polished tiles belonging to a class of bones. Than the whole body to be more smooth.

  Polished Porcelain Tile Polished tiles are mainly used for kitchen, as well as interior decoration works, such as our usual floor tiles, interior walls and a lot of side wall tiles and so on.

  Polished Porcelain Tile The main advantage of polished tiles because of its composition for the natural minerals, so there is no radioactive elements, for the human body without any harmful substances. Also for the compressive strength is very large, good quality, standing on the tile, people can jump all right. Is not easy to be weathering, when the production of more than 1,000 degrees by high temperature refining made. There is also one of the biggest advantages of this kind of brick is very slippery, because every family will have at least one child and an old man, some floor tiles are very slippery, but this can avoid this happen, if an old man fell Down, but also spend a lot of cost, very worthless.

  In most modern families, many people like to use all the glazed tiles to decorate the home. In particular, this is very beautiful and smooth and delicate all-cast glazed tiles. And the biggest advantage of throwing glazed tiles, Xiaobian think from the beautiful and rich patterns of antique tiles, as well as polished polished polished technology, which is Xiaobian that the biggest advantage of all the glazed tiles, the surface looks very beautiful, Up the effect is also very elegant and comfortable, and instantly let the home environment to enhance a grade, can bring great enjoyment.

  Breathe breathable

  Polished Porcelain Tile The use of polished tiles to make the process, so that all throwing glazed tiles is different from ordinary tiles, the surface of the glazed, crystal wear glazed, high temperature firing, the tiles inside the molecules are all sealed, no gaps. So it can be a long time to keep the light, do not fade, hard wear, in addition, all cast glazed tiles decorated with a very good breathable performance, better water absorption than other natural material tiles, texture uniform, Dense and safe. So all cast glazed tiles are generally used in the decoration of the home, rather than for the streets or channels in the decoration.

  Poor impact resistance

  Polished Porcelain Tile Mentioned in front of all throwing glazed tiles, can not be decorated in people coming and going, because the whole cast glazed tiles more brittle, decorated in the channel, it is easy to cause all the glazed tiles broken, so all throw glazed tiles The disadvantage is that the resistance is relatively poor. Today, people for the decoration of the home tiles, the main value is the decorative effect, but the impact of poor this disadvantage, in the home decoration, and will not have much influence. In short, the advantages of all cast glazed tiles have a lot of shortcomings are also many.

  The drawbacks of throwing glazed tiles - expensive.