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Production Method Of Ceramic Wall And Floor Tile

May 25, 2017

 Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile Ceramic wall and floor tiles production methods: including the cloth process, wall tiles brick molding process, calcining process, in particular, is the fabric process for the second fabric process, the bottom of the mold with a model of stone design and manufacture of natural transition Of the embossed, fabric, the first layout of a small amount of ceramic toner, so that the ceramic powder on the bottom of the mold concave and convex to fill, and then laying the wall and floor tiles base material. Compared with the prior art, the invention has the advantages of simple process and low production cost of the wall and floor tiles, and the produced wall and floor tiles have the advantages of natural beauty and pattern formed by the natural stone pattern.

  ① Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile glazed interior wall by color can be divided into monochrome (including white), color (all kinds of decorative techniques) and pattern bricks, according to the shape can be divided into square, rectangular and shaped bricks.

  As in the decoration, the roof, bottom, angle, side, ditch, etc. with shaped bricks with,

  ② ceramic tiles a wide variety of water absorption less than 10% of the ceramic tiles can be done outside the wall paving, in the cold area is best to use less than 3% water absorption brick. Taking into account the brick's own weight is too large, or water absorption is too small, paving when using special methods. The height of the external walls should be chosen with a smaller, lighter weight brick.

  The main varieties are colored glazed tiles, in addition, there are no glazed tiles, plaster, tiles and so on. The bottom of the wall can also be used thick texture of the split brick.

  ③ ceramic tiles varieties are all kinds of porcelain tiles (glaze, no glaze, polished, seepage tiles, etc.), colored glazed tiles, split brick, red tiles, brocade, square brick, ladder brick, Good grinding.