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Related Problems Of Ceramic Wall And Floor Tile

Nov 25, 2016

First of all to know how empty drum caused by brick wall has a high water content, when you paste must take into account its characteristics. Watering the grass-roots should be moist before tiling, tiles should be soaked in water for at least 20 minutes can be fully dried after use. Otherwise, moisture from the mortar was dry the grass-roots level and tiles quickly absorbing and quick evaporation, will affect the bond stretch, wall tiles will absorb moisture from the cement, cement cannot play the role of adhesive, resulting in dehydration of cement mortar, its hardening, hollowing, shell, and so on.

Tiles dry, use a rubber hammer, random coincidence-click the tile surface, each place is knocking, the sound of it, it's easy to spot the following free drum, knock on a few more under it.