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Share With You Ceramic Wall And Floor Tile Selection Method

Jul 14, 2017

Share with you Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile selection method

The exterior wall brick factory to share with you Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile choose and buy method

When decorating a toilet, want to choose and choose satisfactory interior wall glaze brick, the proposal is made scientific choice from check, see, listen, test, ratio and so on.

Check and check whether there are factory name, address and product name, specification, grade, quantity, trademark, date of production and standard of execution. Check whether there is any factory certificate, the product is broken, the quantity and quality of the products in the box are consistent with the contents of the packing box.

Second look, quality good Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile glaze should be smooth, exquisite, shiny crystal clear bright, the Asian light is soft and comfortable. In the light of sufficient natural light or fluorescent lamp illuminate, place brick is placed in 1 metre far perpendicular observation, should not see apparent glaze defect, product is not chromatic aberration. Decorative pattern of brick pattern should be fine, no obvious lack of color, line, dislocation and so on. Good product size deviation is small, can place a lot of product perpendicular to a plane, see if there is uneven phenomenon; Look at the flatness of the brick. Floor tile of wall of pottery and porcelain can be flat on the plane, directly observed with the naked eye, floor tile of wall of pottery and porcelain plane warping, brick of side face with straightedge measuring the seamless, this product has no deformation neat degree is high, construction is convenient, beautiful brick after the shop is stuck with smooth surface.

3 listen, can gently knock Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile, listen to its sound, the quality is better product, listen to the sound clear to explain ceramic tile porcelain density and hardness is high, quality is good. Inferior products, the sound of "empty" when struck.

Four test, Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile want to choose the ceramic glazed tile bibulous rate is low, can measure the water absorption of ceramic tile, bibulous rate is lower, on behalf of the inherent stability of ceramic tile is higher, and is more suitable for the humidity or moisture content is higher space (for instance toilet, kitchen), won't produce the problem such as shading. The simplest method is to use a glass of water on the back of ceramic tile, w. p. diffusion is rapid, show bibulous rate on the high side, conversely is low, water absorption rate slower, bibulous rate is smaller, inner quality is superior, the durability of the product, the better.

Five is the best. Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile Nine is the best way to remind everyone to shop around. The ceramic wall tile of the same specification, heavy water absorption rate is low, internal quality also better, weigh a class to know. After a certain understanding of the product, the product's brand, quality, price, service and other aspects of the comprehensive comparison, then determine how to choose.

Enveloped in the global financial crisis, the domestic industry commonly affected, but China's $5 trillion in infrastructure investment plan for building materials industry in a relatively long period of time will greatly promote role, especially for the building materials industry drive is very obvious, Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile the market for the sector could not only short-term speculation, so before the emergence of a new hot spot in the market, the sector is still worthy of attention. From the perspective of industry, building materials sector has a great advantage in this financial crisis. At present the building materials industry is continuous, the future industry concentration is expected to improve. Due to China's current investment in fixed assets remains high, while the investment growth will fall faster is a real estate investment and industrial investment, but the construction of infrastructure investment demand for cement and other building materials is still very obvious.