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The Basic Information Of Shower Faucets

Mar 08, 2018

The basic information of shower faucet

According to the number of handles:

It is divided into two types:double handle and single handle.

Double handle bathtub shower faucet: handle is connected with cold water and hot water, for example, the left handle is hot water, the right handle is cold water,through the rotation device to control the size of the water together to adjust the water temperature.

Single Handle bathtub shower Faucet: single handle to adjust cold and hot water by rotating around. It is easy to operate but need to be used carefully to avoid ironing. The classification is as follows:


Classification by installation:wall-hung type and into the wall type.

Wall-hung shower faucet: mounted on the wall,the faucet body,manifold,connecting Ming pipe props and so on all are highlighted in the wall.

Into the wall shower faucet:only the handle is out of the wall,the pipe connecting the faucet,the water separator is mostly buried in the wall,the appearance is not visible.classification is as follows:

Installation Precautions:

Cold, hot water pipes must sure not to be installed opposite.In general, the left side of the tap for the hot water supply pipe, the right of the cold water supply pipe, except for special identification.After installation, remove the bubbler, shower and other accessories taht easy to be blocked,let the water out,the impurities completely removed,and then installed again.Tools attached to the faucet should be retained for future maintenance.When removing and installing the water hose, do not wrap the sealing tape, do not use a wrench and tighten it by hand, otherwise it will damage the hose.Wall-mounted faucet according to the need to determine the elbow exposed length, or elbow exposed too much wall, affecting the appearance.

For thermostatic faucets,the recommended static pressure for hot and cold water supply is 3 Bar(0.3MPa) and the minimum water supply pressure is 0.5bar(0.05MPa).Cold and hot water supply pressure difference is not greater than 2Bar (0.02MPa), if the water supply pressure is greater than 5bar (0.05MPa), please install the pressure reducing valve.For thermostatic faucets, the hot water supply temperature is in the range of 50℃ to 80℃ (122°F-176°F) and the recommended hot water supply temperature is 65℃(149°F).For into wall faucets,if it is necessary to carry out thermal welding,be sure to remove the spool and other plastic,rubber parts first.Into the wall shower faucet,before the faucet buries into the wall,check whether there is leakage in the connection area and repair according to the need.When you press the test,pay attention to emptying the pipe and all the air inside the faucet.