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The Quality Of Ceramic Wall And Floor Tile Should Be Overcome

Jun 28, 2017

The quality of Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile should be overcome
 As the ceramic wall tiles rich color patterns, and anti-fouling ability, is widely used in the wall and the ground, the common quality problems are mainly two aspects:
    1, ceramic wall tiles cracking: the root cause of cracking is the stress between the billet and the glaze layer beyond the difference between the thermal expansion coefficient of the glaze. When the thermal expansion coefficient of the glaze is larger than that of the green body, the glaze will shrink under the shrinkage, and the glaze will be subjected to tensile stress. When the tensile stress is greater than the ultimate strength that the glaze layer can bear, it will crack.
    2, ceramic wall tiles back infiltration: no matter that kind of brick, water is natural, but when the bulk density is too loose, it is not only the problem of water, but the problem of cementing. That the sewage of cement will penetrate the surface.
 For a small area, poor lighting of the toilet, does not apply to the dark and warm color of the statue of Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile. Because the dark respect for the ceramic wall tiles make people feel smaller space, the more the room appears to be dark; another warm color of the respect of the ceramic wall tiles, visually forward feeling, will increase the sense of oppression of the room. So this type of room is usually used in light and cool color of the respect of ceramic wall tiles.
    On the contrary, for a large area, good lighting toilet, should mainly consider how to make people feel warm and comfortable in the bath. Therefore, you can use warm color, slightly dark color of the ceramic wall tiles.
    Ceramic wall tiles as the background of sanitary ware, played a role in setting off. So in the color of the brightness, saturation than sanitary ware much lower. Appropriate match, will make clean with a more clean and more beautiful feeling. At the same time respect ceramic tile tiles should be maintained in a hue, the general color of the brick relative respect ceramic wall tiles to be deeper. In addition, in different places, should use different patterns of respect for ceramic wall tiles. Kitchen respected ceramic wall tiles should be simple and lively style, pay attention to the cabinets, cooking table style and color coordination, the kitchen style, Patterns should be simple and generous, people feel clean and clear, appropriate embellishment of a few tiles, choose a larger color contrast graphics, to create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.
A feature of the inner wall is easy to break, especially when handling. So when handling high-quality high-quality interior wall, what should be noted in order to avoid its broken phenomenon?
    First, Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile sanitary ware installation and other equipment engineering and ceiling and other renovation projects should be carefully operated to prevent the destruction of the wall, floor tiles.
    Second, Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile adjust, wipe the operator, to wear soft soled shoes, tread on the fabric when the padded mats. At the same time pay attention to laying pavement board is strictly prohibited directly on the door and window frame, the appropriate position in the window shoulders put the wooden side, the bridge from the door window frame.
    Third, if the floor after the completion of other processes to insert more, should be in the finished tiles on the shop to protect the old multi-layer board.
    Fourth, Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile the doors and windows box stained mortar to clean up in a timely manner. Especially in the demolition of the child do not hit the wall, the ground.
    5, handling materials, please do not have to worry about the completion of the equipment, pipelines, embedded parts, doors and windows frame and complete the wall cylinder.