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The Reason For The Anti - Fouling Ability Of Polished Porcelain Tile

Oct 18, 2017

The reason for the anti - fouling ability of Polished Porcelain Tile
At present, the sale of porcelain Polished Porcelain Tile on the market although the product water absorption are relatively close, but the anti-fouling ability is very different, indicating that the anti-fouling capacity of Polished Porcelain Tile not only with the closed porosity, but also and other properties of polishing tiles, Such as the structure of the pores, shape distribution and connectivity.
1, the body of the residual pores: porcelain Polished Porcelain Tile are a variety of grain and grain boundaries, pores, glass phase of the combination. By burning the furnace, the density of the green body is increased, but there is always residual pores in the final product. These closed pores are polished and exposed to the surface of the brick. When the contaminants are exposed to the surface of the Polished Porcelain Tile, a portion of the contaminants penetrate into the exposed pores.
2, the polishing surface of the small cracks: in the polishing process, the brick through the coarse grinding, grinding and polishing three stress process, the strong external force in the grinding head, the micro-cracks within the brick have different degrees Extended. As a result, the polished surface is a worn surface covered with many small cracks. When the contaminants fall on the polished surface of the Polished Porcelain Tile, a portion of the contaminants penetrate into many small cracks, causing the antifouling capacity of the Polished Porcelain Tile difference.
What are the aspects of buying Polished Porcelain Tile? Polished Porcelain Tile manufacturers summed up a few points.
Quality: identification of the merits of the whole throwing glazed tiles have a lot of methods commonly used is measured water absorption, listening to knock the sound, scratch the brick surface, look at color and so on. The easiest way to measure the water absorption is to pour a glass of water on the back of the tile, spreading rapidly, indicating a high water absorption. Good products hand knocked out after the crisp sound, that is, the use of hard objects to draw a brick glazed, it will not leave traces, and the same batch of brick color is very small, glossy texture is also very consistent, so that comparison Suitable for a large area of the overall pavement, create a harmonious atmosphere of the aesthetic effect. Quality clearance, the color, pattern, specifications, style, with the choice of choice on the owner's preferences.
Style: all cast glazed tiles generally classified as a civilized type, a total of romantic Europe, the original African, mysterious Egypt, ancient Indian style, refined China, the ancient kingdom of Babylon and other seven series, the more popular is the romantic European and refined Chinese series all throw Polished Porcelain Tile.
With the size of the brick, the principle is the small room using small size tiles, large rooms using large size tiles. In the visual, large pieces of brick to expand the surface, small pieces of brick can be rich in small space; but nowadays popular trend is still dominated by large bricks, because people like the vision of some open.
There are a lot of Polished Porcelain Tile on the market. When purchasing, you should use well-known brand products. If you are slightly inadvertently, you have purchased a poor quality Polished Porcelain Tile by bad businessmen. The structure of this brick is simple. The surface does not wear, the surface of the color will fade, the texture of their own poor, prone to fracture.
Polished Porcelain Tile with up to the bedroom, it replaced the wood floor with the home. It has a wooden floor is not comparable advantages. Environment-friendly, the price is relatively affordable wood floor, and the province a lot of heart, do not have to do care, impact resistance is the original advantages.
Wood flooring to really be environmentally friendly to use solid wood, but this cost is too expensive, followed by a series of care is indispensable. Strengthen the floor cost and Polished Porcelain Tile cost almost, but the environmental performance is absolutely impossible to do the latter so prominent, strengthen the floor, after all, is synthetic, the use of glue and then environmental protection is still impossible to achieve absolute environmental protection. Of course, the wooden floor also has its own unique advantages, the color is relatively rich in many, for the customer selectivity there is enough space.