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There Are Several Features To Consider When Buying Classic Rustic Tile

Sep 07, 2017

There are several features to consider when buying Classic Rustic Tile
When you buy Classic Rustic Tile, you'll have to learn about the features of the Classic Rustic Tile, which helps you choose to avoid unnecessary losses.
The first thing to consider is the water absorption.
Good Classic Rustic Tile low water absorption, only 0.1% or less, lower than the European standards and natural stone 5 to 30 times, long years of use, never change color, leaving no trace of the new.
Second, we must consider wear resistance.
Classic Rustic Tile made by high temperature firing, good Classic Rustic Tile Mohs hardness of 8 degrees, dense texture hard, wear resistance of <130mm2 wear resistance for the most tiles.
Third, acid and alkali.
In the process of industrialization, acid rain is becoming increasingly serious, has become the main reason for public environmental pollution, high-quality Classic Rustic Tile using a unique formula, high temperature firing, acid and alkali, leaving no stains, easy to clean.
Four is uniform size.
Tire should be size specifications, the surrounding smooth, uniform thickness, the same size of the tile thickness and size difference should not exceed 2 mm.
Fifth, pollution indicators.
Pollution index mainly refers to the Classic Rustic Tile substrate containing radiation dose. High quality Classic Rustic Tile pollution indicators are usually lower than the national industry standards.
At present, the market on the Classic Rustic Tile cohabitation, Classic Rustic Tile prices are row upon row. Factors affecting the price of Classic Rustic Tile mainly origin, production process and selection of several aspects. In accordance with the origin can be divided into import, joint venture and domestic three, imported Classic Rustic Tile to Spain and Italy. As the Classic Rustic Tile in the production process technology is different, the price is also very different. Domestic Classic Rustic Tile prices generally in 40 80 yuan / square meters of joint venture prices generally 80 150 yuan / square meter between the import price of more than 150 230 yuan / square meters.
All tiles win by price
At the beginning of the year there was a very good domestic market all-ceramic high-brightness Classic Rustic Tile, this classic Rustic Tile through a special process, brick looks like a marble color, solid texture, wear. According to business, this Classic Rustic Tile hardness can be compared with the hardness of polished tiles, but the price is far lower than the polished tiles, as long as 40 yuan per square meter. All-ceramic Classic Rustic Tile is easy to pick up, just look at the brick tile and the back of the porcelain on it. The brick facing the sunshine, brick surface smooth and bright, no pitting and bubbles, the more delicate white porcelain on the back, indicating the better the quality of the tiles.
The new Classic Rustic Tile is also selling well
Following the ceramic glazed tiles, ordinary polished tiles, close to the launch of the vitoist Classic Rustic Tile has become a new type of Classic Rustic Tile. Glassy polished tiles made of ceramic tiles made of glass fiber after three firing, brick and brick body into a color, brick body is more solid, wear. Ordinary glazed tiles in the use of a period of time, the glaze is worn, the color is bleak, and the vitrified polished tiles are made of a material, there will be no wear and tear of the surface may be, and compared to ordinary polished tiles are not easy Loss of the characteristics. If the surface of ordinary light tiles on the surface if the long-term oil pollution, the oil will be from the pores on the brick surface, brick color will be darkened, and glass polished tiles containing glass fiber material, brick surface fine, Infiltration, can be used often new. Polished polished tiles per square meter price of 120 yuan, according to businessmen said that this classic Rustic Tile market after the sale is very good, many customers have come to buy. However, this classic Rustic Tile specifications are small, only 500 × 500 mm specifications.
Classic Rustic Tile is becoming more and more popular
In the home decoration is increasingly advocating the natural style, the classic and elegant Classic Rustic Tile increasingly popular. Classic Rustic Tile mostly orange, Tao Hong and other colors, the surface is not as smooth as other Classic Rustic Tile, visual effects are uneven, with good slip resistance. Classic Rustic Tile specifications are mostly 305 × 305 mm, the price per square meter between 80,180 yuan. Businesses said that the purchase of Classic Rustic Tile mostly young people, antique tiles into the home before, used in cafes, bars, simple style and elegant combination of the environment, the unique decorative effect by young people happy The In the laying of Classic Rustic Tile, it is best to use two different colors, the Classic Rustic Tile paved symmetrical diamond block, color contrast strong decorative effect is obvious.