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What Technical Indicators Should Be Considered For The Classic Rustic Tile

Nov 01, 2017

What technical indicators should be considered for the Classic Rustic Tile
Classic Rustic Tile is generally classified as a variety of civilizations, a total of romantic Europe, the original African, mysterious Egypt, ancient Indian style, refined China, the ancient kingdom of Babylon and other seven series, the more popular is the romantic European and refined Chinese series Classic Rustic Tile.
As for which one to choose, or according to the user's own taste. Classic Rustic Tile manufacturers remind us that in the purchase to study the Classic Rustic Tile of the technical indicators are excellent. The main criteria are water absorption, wear resistance, hardness, color difference, etc., each one are sloppy.
1, wear resistance: divided into five degrees, from low to high. Five degrees are ultra-wear-resistant, generally not used for home decoration. Home furnishings can be selected between once and four degrees.
2, water absorption: may affect the Classic Rustic Tile easy to clean the program. High water absorption of low density products, brick holes loose, not in the activities of frequent use of the place, so as not to scale after the water should not be cleaned; low water absorption products are high density, with a high moisture-proof anti-fouling ability.
3, color: can be based on intuitive judgments. Look at a group of brick color, glossy texture is roughly the same, can not be together together, the color is small, the size of the regular is the top grade.
4, hardness: a direct impact on the Classic Rustic Tile life, is particularly important. You can use the percussion method to identify the sound, crisp sound on the internal quality that is good, not deformed broken, that is, the use of hard objects to draw a brick glaze will not leave traces.
In the decoration, Classic Rustic Tile is the ideal choice, in order to buy a satisfactory interior glazed tiles, Classic Rustic Tile manufacturers from the investigation, see, listen, try four aspects of scientific choice.
Check the product box for factory name, site and product name, specification, grade, quantity, trademark, date of production and implementation of the standard. Check whether there is a factory certificate, whether the product is damaged, the number of products installed in the box, the quality of the contents of the box with the same.
Second, the quality of the Classic Rustic Tile glazed should be smooth, delicate, shiny crystal bright, matte glaze soft and comfortable. In the full natural light or fluorescent light irradiation, the brick on the 1 meter away from the vertical observation, should not see the obvious glaze defects, the product no color.
Three listen, you can gently beat the Classic Rustic Tile, listen carefully to the sound, good quality products, listen to the sound crisp that ceramic tile porcelain density and hardness, good quality.
Four test, to choose the low water absorption Classic Rustic Tile, can measure the water absorption of tiles, the lower the water absorption, the higher the intrinsic stability of the tile, the more suitable for moisture or moisture content of the higher space, not Will produce dark spots and other issues.
Classic Rustic Tile is a kind of bright brick, which is a kind of bony brick, which is polished by the surface of the body. Compared to the whole body bricks, Classic Rustic Tile surface to be much more clean. Classic Rustic Tile hard wear, suitable for use in most of the interior space except the bathroom, kitchen, such as for balconies, facade decorations and so on. Classic Rustic Tile Advantages:
1, the basic control of no color: natural stone due to diagenetic time, different depth of different layers of color, Classic Rustic Tile carefully prepared, the same batch of products consistent color, basically no color.
2, no radioactive elements: natural stone is a mineral, without high temperature sintering, it contains individual micro-radioactive elements, long-term exposure to the human body harmful; Classic Rustic Tile will not cause harm to the human body.
3, bending strength: natural stone due to the natural formation, material time, weathering, etc. are different, resulting in tightness, strength varies; Classic Rustic Tile by thousands of tons of hydraulic press, and then more than 1200 ℃ high temperature sintering, high strength。