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Winter Paving Tiles Before You Need To Pay Attention To What The Polished Porcelain Tile

Jul 26, 2017

Winter paving tiles before you need to pay attention to what the Polished Porcelain Tile
Winter is not suitable for decoration? The industry did not have a unified note that the winter suitable for decoration a lot of people think that winter is not suitable for decoration also have some truth. But I believe that the winter because of its low temperature, if the decoration must have a lot of Polished Porcelain Tile need attention, today, I share on the winter paving Polished Porcelain Tiles need to pay attention to what the Polished Porcelain Tile in order to ensure paving quality and paving effect?
    1. Polished Porcelain Tile water treatment should pay attention to water temperature
    Home living room, kitchen, bathroom mainly to Polished Porcelain Tiles paving the main. Polished Porcelain Tile Water Treatment is a basic process before polishing tiles. But because the winter temperature is low, so the temperature of the bubble Polished Porcelain Tiles can not be too low, if the water temperature is too low, Polished Porcelain Tiles can not absorb water to saturation, it is likely to lead to the degree of solidification of concrete and cement, there will be polishing tiles hollowing phenomenon. In addition to improving the temperature of the bubble Polished Porcelain Tiles, the conditional consumers can keep the room temperature, to ensure that Polished Porcelain Tiles, concrete, cement mortar, wall, ground and other temperature difference is not.
2. Polished Porcelain Tiles need to be placed for some time
    Some consumers in order to save time and money, when the Polished Porcelain Tiles shipped over immediately began to polish tiles paving work. If the indoor and outdoor temperature difference between the spring and summer season is not much impact, but the winter indoor and outdoor temperature difference is very obvious. Therefore, the Polished Porcelain Tiles before paving, must be Polished Porcelain Tiles on the indoor 1-2 hours to ensure that the indoor temperature and Polished Porcelain Tiles themselves can be almost when the temperature of the paving. This is done in order to avoid Polished Porcelain Tiles paving after the hollowing, shedding phenomenon.
    Winter decoration need to pay attention to a lot of problems, such as: hydropower construction, decoration materials, floor paving, etc. in the winter need special attention. Today just share the Polished Porcelain Tile of the winter Polished Porcelain Tiles before paving attention. Hope that the majority of owners have substantial help.
 After the purchase of Polished Porcelain Tiles, some businesses will be door-to-door, some agreed to need to Polished Porcelain Tiles factory warehouse extraction. In the receipt, although it can not be done as quality supervision departments as the product of the test, but the key quality indicators on-site acceptance is necessary.
    First, check the packaging of the logo, including the product number, product level, product specifications, etc. are consistent with the contents of the delivery documents, product color number is unified, in addition, product implementation standards, mandatory certification mark, production enterprises, factory address, Trademark, etc. meet the requirements.
    Second, open part of the product packaging, check the packaging or box whether there is a certificate, whether the product manual, whether the product on the board, the trademark is the same; then, take some Polished Porcelain Tiles to check the appearance of quality, , Glaze cracks, color, deformation and so on.
  Polished Porcelain Tiles technical quality indicators fail to GB / T4100-2006 "Polished Porcelain Tiles" national standards, that is, product quality problems. To this end, in the purchase of Polished Porcelain Tiles, you should first understand the purchase of Polished Porcelain Tiles corresponding to the national standard, the purchase should be asked to the business of the purchase of Polished Porcelain Tiles in kind of key indicators, if necessary, the contract or invoice that the implementation of the National standard code, in order to become a dispute when the quality of the basis of the ruling.
    For the product appearance, such as color, pinhole, cave, impurities, edge crack and other product quality problems; for product flatness, size deviation, anti-fouling properties, bending strength, etc., you need to be based on business commitment standards Professional inspection, in order to determine; for the collapse of the edge, broken angle, broken, etc., is likely to belong to improper handling caused by bumps, should be carefully analyzed before the conclusion.